Mount Hope Commons at Albany

351 Southern Boulevard, Albany NY 12209

A brand new Sonic Drive-In location is coming to Mount Hope Commons at Albany. This newly developed center sits on Route 9W just south of downtown Albany and will feature a variety of retail tenants and uses. Sonic is the latest business to sign-on to this exciting project as vacancies begin to fill and space becomes limited. Expect a Grand Opening date coming this Spring and remember to save room for burgers, shakes, and more!

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19 thoughts on “Coming Soon: South Albany Sonic Drive-In

    1. There’s a Dunkin’ in the plaza next door; that’s good enough. Plus there’s already a Sonic in this plaza; get an iced tea or a slush.

    1. There’s already three Dunkin’ Donuts in Bethlehem with a drive thru. Starbucks is a far better option for anything regardless. I’d like to see a target come to Bethlehem, a co op, or a home goods would be amazing!! 🙂

      1. Any new and established retail establishments would be most welcome along with three or four new restaurants. Personally I would like to see an Outback, Ruby Tuesdays & a Texas Roadhouse. For that matter anything new and different would be welcome. We frequent many local establishments but additional choices would be nice as well.

        1. Why does everybody think chain restaurants are good? How about a new locally-owned establishment serving real food? A good ethnic restaurant would be welcome.

  1. What about an indoor sports complex. Batting cages, basketball, soccer, a place for kids to practice sports in the winter

  2. Agreed with Target or an Ulta or healthier quick service food like blaze or core life. We have too many nail places, Dunkin and fast food.

  3. They tore down the Sunoco across the street from the fufure Sonic site. They are rebuilding it to include a Dunkin Donuts

  4. I believe Chik Fil A & Dunkin would’ve been better choices. Dunkin appeared to be successful when it was part of Cumberland Farms.

  5. Hows about a nice homeless shelter instead of all of those worthless establishments?Lets do some good instead of pampering the wealthy.

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