Property Listings

Location Available Space Type of Use Broker Marketing
Glenmont, 365 Feura Bush Rd, Glenmont Centre Square 1,600 SF & 1,300 SF Strip Center Ed Sargent, Kevin Parisi Flyer
Glens Falls, 131 Saratoga Rd, Glengate Shopping Center 5,000 SF Strip Center Kevin Parisi, Kerry Wood Flyer
great barrington, 300 stockbridge road Up to 3,400 SF Shopping Center Kevin Parisi, Louis Arnos Flyer
Greenport, 160 Fairview Ave See flyer for details Neighborhood Center Kevin Parisi Flyer
Halfmoon, 1505 Route 9 Up to 2,000 SF Former Jeweler, Retail, Strip Center Andrew Peckage, Louis Arnos Flyer
Hudson, 169-195 Healy Blvd See flyer for details. Strip Center Kevin Parisi, Meredith Poole Flyer
Hudson, 161 Fairview Ave Two Pad Sites - Kevin Parisi Flyer
Hudson, 9 Healy Boulevard 6,652 SF Available, former NAPA Auto Parts Retail Kevin Parisi, Meredith Poole Flyer
Hudson, 351 Fairview Avenue Up to 12,000 SF Retail, Shopping Center Kevin Parisi, Vladimir Goykhman Flyer
Hudson, 70 Healy Boulevard Up to 55,417 SF Big Box, Divisible, Grocery, Retail Andrew Peckage, Ed Sargent Flyer
Kingston, 25 Boices Ln 31,426 SF Neighborhood Center Andrew Peckage Flyer
Latham, 664 New Loudon Rd, The Fresh Market Commons 1,592 SF Retail Sublease Kevin Parisi Flyer
Latham, 694 New Loudon Road 4,200 SF Inline, Retail Ed Sargent, Kevin Parisi Flyer
Malta, 2443 Route 9 See flyer for details Mixed-Use Development Kevin Parisi, Vladimir Goykhman Flyer
Malta, 2452 Route 9 Up to 5,173 SF Office, Retail Demetrio Daga, Vladimir Goykhman Flyer
Montgomery, 99 Hawkins Dr, Montgomery Towne Square 1,400 SF, 6,000 SF & 3,600 SF Grocery Anchored Center Andrew Peckage Flyer
New Hartford, 4754 Commercial Drive Up to 5,000 SF Multi-Tenant, Neighorhood Center, New Construction, Retail Kevin Parisi Flyer
New Lebanon, 555 State Route 20 8.37 Acres - Ed Sargent, Kevin Parisi Flyer
Niskayuna, Mansion Square Up to 41,000 Lifestyle Center Andrew Peckage, Kevin Parisi Flyer
North Haven, 1000 Universal Drive 7.3 Acres of cleared land available for Redevelopment Redevelopment Opportunity Kerry Wood Flyer